Scenarios/ SSR for the Mini-Tournaments


 There are no Tournament SSR in effect for the Mini-Tournaments.

Scenarios marked with an asteriks get a Special Tournament Balance



 "Sweet And Sour" China At War


1. Round

RPT72  Yangtze Doodle

Counters (A/D): Japanese, Chinese

Boards: 66


2. Round

CH167 The Warlords Estate

Counters (A/D): Japanese, Chinese

Boards: 3, 44


"Achtung, Flammpanzer..." German FT Tanks


1. Round

J94 Kempf At Melikhovo

Counters (A/D): German, Russian

Boards: 3, 4


2. Round

CH44 Operation Nordwind

Counters (A/D): German, American

Boards: 13, 18


"Forgotten War" Korea 1950-1954


1. Round

ASL208 The Grist Mill

Counters (A/D): N. Korean, American

Boards: 18


2. Round

RPT150 Diggers At Chongju

Counters (A/D): Australian, N.Korean

Boards: 9, 58