Scenarios/ SSR for the Mini-Tournaments


 There are no Tournament SSR in effect for the Mini-Tournaments.

Scenarios marked with an asteriks get a Special Tournament Balance





Mini 1 

"Iron Horse Samurai"  Japanese Tanks In Action


Round 1: J9 "A Stiff Fight"

A: Japanese

D: British

Board: 37


Round 2:  To be announced





Mini 2

"Peek-A-Boo... Dead Are You"   Bocage Country


Round 1: WP15 "Burnt, Blue And Grey"

A: German

D: American

Board: 54


Round 2: AP143 "Late For Chow"

A: German

D: American

Boards: 4, 54


Mini 3

"It Never Snows..."   Around Arnhem, 1944


Round 1: A32 "Zon With The Wind"

A: American

D: German

Board: 24


Round 2: J140 "All Down The Line"

A: British

D: German

Boards: 42, 43

Overlays: B2, Hd10